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Fuck the Way You Make Me Feel
"What happens when I fall in love with you
And you forget to love me back
Or when you tell me you will be there forever
And I believe you
What happens when you tell me I’m beautiful
But tell ten others they are too
What happens when I finally let you in
And you ruin it"
(via alone-and-gone)
"This city’s really pretty at night, and you’re really pretty all of the time; I just wish that you could see it through my eyes. - A.D"
me (via raunchy-ratchet-hoe)
"I have to remind myself
that it is not my love for you
that keeps you chained to me.
Your degree of love
is different from mine,
and no matter how
tightly I hold on,
you will always be
the first to let go."
Always. (by Jai R.)
"Everyone says
Self-love comes first
But I am not my own person
You run through my veins
Entwined in my bones
Strung through my rib cage
You live within me
And I still need your love"
stnk (via stnkpoetry)
"i loved you. you loved her."
Six Word Story (via omgnaya)
"Falling in love with you was the happiest accident in my whole life."
The Start by Maria Talbert (via transit-to-solace)